About Us

About Us:

Pharma Consultant Pakistan (PCP) Private limited. Brings over 20 years of lucrative experience worldwide in consultancy industry. Our global portfolio includes demonstrated expertise in scientific, regulatory & operational expertise while designing solutions for https://datingstatus.com/es/ consultancy evolving healthcare landscape; offering regulatory solutions to drugs, cosmetics, medical device & diagnostic kit. We are open in provision of establishing pharmaceutical factories from jobitel com site approval to manufacturing license, найти работу в тюмени authorization, legalization & registration of relevant products and products including new drugs, API, Biological, Neutraceutical, herbal, medical devices, cosmetics, etc.through DRAP.

Our extensive exposure in the domain allow us to handle full spectrum of business establishment & regulatory affairs from submission, quality & compliance to providing professional trainings to Sales, Marketing & Human Resource, importing machinery & medical equipment.

Believing an appetite for change, has to be ravenous; we stretch to redefine, reposition & differentiate our go-to market approaches, capabilities & skills. We are offering highly impactful solutions providing reliable, cost effective & value-added services in surpassed regulatory hurdles encompassing site layout & approval, manufacturing license to product registration from DRAP, IPO, SECP, Provincial Health Department, Food Authorities, and FPCCI & Registrar of https://datingstatus.com/ar/ firms.

PCP seeks to cultivate & promote quality services in health care & life sciences domain operating in Pakistan & around the globe. We guide our client through their thorniest business issues from strategy development to organizational effectiveness by turning operations to decisive competitive advantage.

Well equipped & expert on accelerating development of high impact production process & empowering underrepresented groups to start and grow their own businesses.

Mission Statement

‘Serving as one stop destination to all your pharmaceutical problems’

Our mission is to ensure that all the needs of clients are met with quality enabling them to face commercial challenges. It is key premise of our integrated approach that allow us to see the critical intersection between talent, asset & ideas-the dynamic formula that drives xjobs org business performance. Powered by market analytics & commercial insight our expertise address decision-making through an entire complement of customized strategies to minimize risk & product failures, avoid approval delays due to non-compliance, expand into new markets & achieve effective regulatory partnering to reinvigorate efficiencies & pipeline productivity.


“Your Business Success Is Our Consultancy Goal”

Our Services:


  • Health Care
  • Pharmaceutical Business Development

Professional Trainings:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • HR


  • Biomedical drugs
  • Machinery
  • Medical Equipment
  • API
  • Finish drugs

Establishing Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, herbal, Neutraceutical Businesses

This process consist of following steps

  • Site approval of Land
  • Layout Plan approval
  • Construction
  • Equipment import.
  • Installation of imported and local Equipment
  • Hiring of staff for factory
  • Final inspection
  • Comprehensive labelling services
  • Manufacturing License
  • Registration of products

Regulatory Services:

  • Interact and negotiate with regulatory agencies
  • Use guidance’s and regulatory intelligence to streamline development programs
  • Lead adversarial response
  • Design Orphan Drug and Fast Track approaches
  • Targeted Product Profiles
  • Develop Pediatric follow-on programs
  • Suggest Formulation and Indication Line Extensions
  • Develop advertising, promotion and labeling
  • Perform mock Inspections for manufacturing sites
  • Audit CROs
  • Coordinate Advisory Committee presentations
  • Guide Post marketing Surveillance Programs
Manufacturing Related Services:

___    Analysis of excipient choices

___    Formulations Assessment

___    Facility assessment and submission preparation

___    Assess quality control procedures

___    Aid in QA Investigations

___    Upgrade Quality Systems

___    Execute cost of goods analysis

___    Review vendor contracts

___    Development report

___    Audits and Inspections

___    Validation Master Plan development

___    Change control development (pre- and post-approval)

Note from CEO:

As a CEO of my firm, I take full responsibility not only to accelerate process of business establishment in the emerging industry of pharmaceutical sector but to serve our clients as one stop destination to meet pharma-related needs in all aspects; around the world. Our vision “Your Business Success is Our Consultancy Goal” states our compass & perceptive that is to move from being victim of economic challenges to a victim of your opportunities that you need to transform. We assist in reinventing yourself amidst rapid changes, letting go of old ideas & paradigms to create a new future; we are proven at rendering consultancy in achieving this goal.

We gather best opportunities around the table; assisting pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, bio technology, medical devices, drug-device, combination products in the areas of quality assurance, quality control, product development, build out & commissioning, regulatory compliance, strategic guidance, product portfolio management, process development & validation.

PCP operates worldwide; no matter what challenges we encounter, and no matter how long and steep the road, we will delve deeply into the workplace with our abundant experience and knowledge in industry, and our state-of-the-art technological expertise. With in-depth understanding on автоматы онлайн the differences in culture and business practices among various countries and regions, we provide solutions optimized for the customer’s inherent circumstances and we work together with the customer until the work completes.

We create turn the key, opportunities & future worthy of your best. Our foresight, tenacity and customer satisfaction is key to success & we have proven the same with our triumph that has been continuing for more than a decade.


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